Vital Guitar Theory

Vital Guitar Theory


Many guitar teaching methods are packed full of information, many times too much! Your brain goes into overload and the book winds up collecting dust on the shelf. Now with guitar lessons being sold on CD Rom, it’s even worse, they contain 1000 scales, 2000 chords. They all have a lot of information but its missing the “Vital Content”

“Give a man a fish, he eats for a night

Teach a man to fish, he will eat every night…”

This is the outline on which I base my teaching method. I cut away all the stuff that get’s in the way. It may look nice, and makes for a equally nice price tag, costing 10 and 20 times what I charge. But, the only thing it really does is, take your money and confuse you.

All that you need to know can be written on one page….

Yes, it’s true! I have a one page guide. After you finish going through the book, this one page guide will allow you to..

Know every Note in every Key!

Know how to play ANY chord!

You will literally know how to play thousands of chords!

People look at me all the time and say, “Is that it? That’s all there is to it?” “Why do other books and teachers make it so difficult to understand?”

The answer, I don’t know.

I’m not saying that you’ll read this book and instantly be a monster player. But it certainly makes a difference when you KNOW what you’re playing. You will hear the difference in your playing almost immediately.

Not convinced? Take fifteen minutes and you will know every note on the guitar! I’ve had kids as young as 6 and people as old as 60 do this little exercise and in 15 minutes they know all the notes! It’s truly amazing!

After 25 years of using my method to teach thousands of  people I know it works!

Where did this teaching method start? When I was about 20 years old I was sitting playing guitar. A kid came up to me and asked me some questions about playing some chords. He looked at me afterwards and said to me, “I’ve learned more from you in 10 minutes than I’ve learned in 6 months of lessons, Would you teach me?” From this one lesson it quickly turned into teaching 43 people a week and having a waiting list to get onto my schedule.

Because of the wonders of the internet, I am able to offer these lessons to you at fraction of what it would actually cost to print it and distribute it. The cost? A fraction of what it costs for 1 half hour lesson. The cost? So low I’m practically giving it away!!! The cost? Just $2.99… People email me all the time saying that Vital Guitar Theory is worth so much more, and they ask why I don’t charge more? The truth is there are so many people out there trying to scam you out of money with high priced methods that are just too confusing and a waste of money. I just saw an add that wanted 10 dollars to find out the “secret” to play a major scale!!! That’s just nuts!!

So yes it’s true for just $2.99 all this info is yours.

The cost of a beer, or a pack of guitar strings (on sale!)

Check out the video for “Notes in 15″ and I’m sure You’ll see how easy guitar theory can be.

You Can Purchase it Here on Amazon


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